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Alarm / Access Control

Looking for business, home, or personal security products?  You've come to the right place! We have a great selection of access control, residential and commerical security alarm products. We offer quality name brand products and superior installations at affordable prices.Money

We are a security alarm company located in Knoxville, Tennessee that provides reasonable monitoring rates and quality installations.  With access to a wide variety of alarm products, we are able to provide a near total security solution for our customers.  In today's time and age we feel that the security of feeling safe is at the upmost importance.  This is why by providing structured cabling allows us the ability to intergrade our alarm panels with gate access or perimeter security.   

Residential Security Alarm Systems

  • Easy to use alarm systems
  • Quality design and installation
  • Quick, knowledgeable, and friendly service
  • Alarm Monitoring for under a dollar a day
  • Electronic Gate Access

Commerical Security Alarm Systems

  • Professional grade intrusion alarm systems
  • Parking lot / garage perimeter security 
  • Networkable security alarm systems 
  • Intergraded access control
  • Vehicle identification
  • Proximity / Biometrics


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